May. 6th, 2009

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Spirit Therapies ( is the barn which I volunteer for. They provide therapeutic riding for handicapped and disabled children (and adults), and are working on creating a program for war veterans with PTSD. Through working with the horses, the riders create an empathetic bond with the horse, and develope their own sense of self-esteem. As a person whom overcame a large hardship after being sexually abused by my biological mother's husband, I can state that it does work - learning to overcome my own mental inhibitions to lead what I consider a normal life was not done on my own steam, but through the strength lent to me through King Holly Parr, April, MD, Turbo, Lewy, Thunder, and

However, thus far, funding has been difficult to attain for the stable. They wish to go non-profit so that they do not have to charge for their therapy.

One of the things I'd like to do for the stable is to do kind of an art drive, if that makes sense. Essentially, I am working on some digital paintings, and that's kind of where I'm going to need help - I'm going to try to sell them. They'll probably involve horses (since that's the theme), but every dollar donated through the prints will be given to Spirit Therapies to help with their programs.


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