Jun. 19th, 2010

Data Loss

Jun. 19th, 2010 08:02 pm
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So right now I am updating from my droid because windows fucked up my iMac. The good news is that all of my important documents are backed up on my external. The bad news is that none of my applications or application datae or the windows ISO that led me here are on that hard drive.

I'm considering this as a sign I needed to clear those out anyway; lord knows I don't need two versions of adobe's creative suit.

I was led to this point because my install of winXP became corrupted and had unassigned some random driver. Thus, I decided to just go ahead and install win 7 and try it out. I downloaded the required ISO... not even realizing how much osx apparently hates those. I did manage to install it on vmware fusion, so I know that it wasn't a bad copy. But then I tried everything. I had to make the partition with boot camp more times than I care to admit, attempted the thumb drive method, even tried to put it on a dvd. The bootable dvd didn't work because during the installation windows whined that it couldn't find the required drivers... then the thumb didn't work because cmd.exe didn't like BOOT CD... and then I had to remake the partition, only this time it decided to corrupt part of my hd to make a "ghost" partition so I couldn't boot camp it anymore, which is apparently only fixable by repartitioning the drive from disk utility. I did try to back everything up, but apparently the corruption is so bad that it froze while I was trying to do so, thus I just took it, crossed my fingers I'm not losing anything unreplacable... and am now waiting on snow leopard to reinstall.

I guess maybe its time to stick a movie in the ibook... which, by the way, decided yesterday it only wants to let chat clients connect to the internet. That'll have to be next on my list of things to fix, thouugh I'm not quite sure where my 10.5 disks are...


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