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So, I am strongly thinking about Sacramento, and leaning in that direction because it's what *I* want.

However, in order to prepare for trying to find a job yet again, I'm looking at getting a few certifications.

  • HTML/XHTML/CSS This one's done through W3C of course, and I'm looking at it because it should be one of the easiest ones for me to prepare for as I work with all three every day, basically. If I went with this one, I'd strongly want to go with the Adobe certifications as well.
    Price: $75

  • Adobe Photoshop Certification I rarely use Photoshop anymore for design (Illustrator has taken precedence), but for design I feel that clients would be impressed if I were also PS certified.
    Price: $150

  • Adobe InDesign Certification This one's a bit hairer, but it's required in order to receive the Adobe Design Cert. I'll definitely have to actually open the program and try it out I suppose and *really* study for this one.
    Price: $150

  • Adobe Illustrator Cert This one'll be on roughly the same level as the PS cert. It'll go towards both the Design and Web mastery certs, and I'm already pretty familiar with Illustrator, so... yah!
    Price: $150

  • Adobe Acrobat Cert Now, I don't use Acrobat much, except at work.. So I'll definitely have to actually learn this software as well. But, unfortunately, it's certification seems to be part of *all* the Mastery certs.
    Price: $150

  • Adobe Flash/Dreamweaver cert So, if I do the other certifications listed above, the only thing I'll need after that is Flash and Dreamweaver certification. I know the basics of both, but I generally handcode in DW, and I try to avoid Flash entirely. They'd be the only ones I'd need for web mastery, though - so win?
    Price: $300 ($150/ea)

  • W3C PHP Cert This one I'm looking at because it's much cheaper than the Zend option, and I'd like to be able to solicit myself as a junior developer with more confidence. I kind of know the basics of PHP, and I'm taking a developer class over the summer (online through my college), so once that finishes, I'll probably pick up the book for this and work towards it.
    Price: $75

  • Zend PHP Cert A little bit more expensive than the W3C one, but I'd like to look as good as possible with these certifications, since I won't be able to get my degree for a few years. I'll probably work towards this cert after I get the PHP cert.
    Price: $125

The total cost is really... erm, scary. In total, it will probably cost me upwards of $1000, if not more if I fail some of the tests. I'll probably do HTML/CSS > PS > Illustrator one over the summer, then slowly work through the rest of the Adobe requirements, namely Acrobat > InDesign > Dreamweaver > Flash, with PHP at the point in which I finish my web development class.

I'm not doing these certifications to replace getting my degree - understand at least that much. The thing is that I'd like a job comparable to what I have now, and I feel like I really need to be competitive in order to do that. The immediate answer to that is to work as hard as I can towards these certifications. I'll be taking four classes and working full time this summer - so if anything, this at least helps me very much QUIT on WoW ;) Considering I won't have any free time to speak of!
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